Rwandan students
Education is the key to overcoming poverty and helping young Rwandans.
Listen to their stories
U.S. students
The students who have been sponsored by FRE families to pursue higher education opportunities in the United States are thriving! Each one is working toward career goals that will help them make the world a better place. We invite you to read their stories below.
Your support of FRE enables us to provide the level of support students like these need to fulfill their dreams of education, success and happiness.
“I have been presented with opportunities such as an outstanding education and promising future.”
“Pine is the middle letters of the word happiness. That’s what I try to spread.”
“I was a little girl with a dream. Through the gift of education, I am now a woman with a vision.”
“The most powerful instrument to change the world is love.”
“Coming to the US has been more than a blessing.”
“I like to help others who cannot fend for themselves.”

from Hyacinthe Mutuyubutatu’s perspective:
What is it like in Rwanda?

After growing up in Fr. Jean’s orphanage, Hyacinthe came to Ohio in 2011. She studied for her high school diploma at Our Lady of the Elms and then went on to graduate from Walsh University. She earned a nursing degree, and, after passing her boards, she took a job as a nurse. She loves her work. What Hyacinthe wants you to know is not all the sad and awful stories of Rwanda that cost her her entire family. She wants you to know WHY Rwanda is such a beautiful place and why hope is alive there. She said, “Rwanda is very lush, mountainous and green. It is a comfortable temperature, in the 70’s mostly. Wild animals are in the national parks, but monkeys run wild. It is called The Land of a Thousand Hills, and it is home to a lot of gorillas. Not everyone has electricity. We are very friendly, communal and personal.