Donate in Honor of Someone

Make a donation to Friends of Rwandan Education and at the same time celebrate someone extra special in your life. Honor someone for any special occasion: birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Mother’s Day for example. Let that someone extra special in your life know that they inspired you to support Rwandan children’s education in their name. Friends of Rwandan Education will send out a personalized eCard to your chosen person informing them that a donation was made in their honor.
Sponsor a Student
As the sponsor of a Rwandan student, you’ll get to love them, pray for them, encourage them, and be part of a community of people who support them. It can be life-changing when these children know that they have a sponsor in the U.S. who cares about them. But it can also be life-changing for you to build a relationship with your sponsored child.
Friends of Rwandan Education desires to address the education and well being of the students and their community . Depending on the needs of your sponsored child’s community, your monthly sponsorship donation can bring things like: Improved quality of education for both boys and girls, safe and secure housing for residential students, improved access to healthcare, and the hope that comes from knowing God’s love.
Medical Care Donation Opportunities
Medical care is a necessity when educating over 200 boarding school students. Medical facilities in Rwanda are scarce; the nearest care is two hours away. So having routine, emergency care and health education for our students is essential. Our goal is to not only care for those students who are in need of medical attention but also to ensure a healthy generation of young Rwandans. There are many opportunities to help with the clinic including bricks and mortar, medical equipment, consumable supplies and educational materials. Your donation will help to ensure that our students get the best possible health and medical care in that area.
Other Donation Opportunities
The items listed are symbolic of many of the initiatives that compose our every day work in Rwanda. Allowing us to help deliver the educational and comprehensive student needs that embody our mission, your gift will be used where and when most needed. And, when combined with those of other donors, your gift becomes a powerful means to educating and ensuring the future successes of our students.
Love one another,
for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.
Romans 13:8