Other Donation Opportunities:
Tuition, Room and Board
Dining Hall Table and Chair $65
Bed and Wardrobe Dresser $131
(1) Term Tuition for Student $300
Full Year Tuition $900
(1) Month Salary for Teacher $300
Scholarship for Rwandan
Student in US
Health and Self Care
Immunize for (1) Student $150
(1) Year of Feminine Hygiene Products $100
Wellness Check/Physical $50
School Uniform $40
Naming Opportunities
Classroom $50,000
Medical Clinic $150,000
Special Donations
Gifts – Securities, Appreciated Property Bequests & Beneficiary Designations
For more information about donationg securities or establishing bequests to Friends of Rwandan Education, please contact us here:
Special Donations information
The items listed above are symbolic of many of the initiatives that compose our every day work in Rwanda. Allowing us to help deliver the educational and comprehensive student needs that embody our mission, your gift will be used where and when most needed. And, when combined with those of other donors, your gift becomes a powerful means to educating and ensuring the future successes of our students.

Love one another,
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