The Friends of Rwandan Education is dedicated to helping provide education to youth, teens and young adults of Rwanda by financially assisting in the establishment of schools in Rwanda, financially assisting other established Rwandan schools, or aiding students who come to the United States for additional education.

Our community has been blessed to come to know, live and study with a special group of young people from Rwanda who came to the U.S. in pursuit of education. We have also been blessed with great schools, great educational opportunities for our children. What we AND they have experienced, a community’s love and support coupled with a great education, has been nothing short of transformational.

The way these young people have been touched and the way they have touched our lives encouraged us to expand such transformation, and thus Friends of Rwandan Education was founded. By working to establish schools where a solid education will be assured, together, we can impact many lives in Rwanda, an African country in need of the kind of a turn-around, positive future that only good education can assure.

Author Catherine Pulsifer once wrote, “What may appear to be a small effort will multiply and end up being significant.” So we are starting with St. Antoine Secondary School, a Catholic boarding school for boys and girls. Won’t you please join us in doing all we can, with our many small efforts, to bring St. Antoine’s to life? Significant change for Rwanda will only come in the form of educational opportunity for its youth. Together we CAN make the world a better place, one school at a time.

FRE is a 501c3 non-profit organization