“THRILLING NEWS!” reports Fr. Gakirage Jean Bosco, ccmj, founder of St. Antoine’s Secondary School – Nygatare, Rwanda

Each year in Rwanda, students sit for the National Examinations. These are difficult exams given at all grade levels, the results of which are used to then rank students. We have recently learned that our students from St. Antoine’s passed with flying colors, “beyond expectations.” Indeed, six students are at the very top, with scores of 100%!

“News of our success is thrilling to Rwandans everywhere,” exclaimed Fr. Jean. He added, “What shocks everyone is that students from a school in such a remote area, out in the middle of nature, away from the city and towns, that they could be so successful!”

Debbie Kukurza, president of Friends of Rwandan Education, and the FRE Board of Directors, whose mission has built St. Antoine and continues to develop the campus and serve its students, were delighted but not surprised. “This confirms that the academic rigor at St. Antoine’s is earning a reputation of excellence. We are delighted for Fr. Jean, the faculty and staff, and especially for the students,” Kukurza stated.

“Fr. Jean will visit us from Sept 17th-October 2nd, and we look forward to celebrating with him while he is here.”

Fr. Jean will speak to guests at St. Mary Parish in Hudson on September 21. A light supper will be served beginning at 5 pm in the Lower Hall. Guests are asked to reserve their attendance by contacting the parish office at 330.653.8118 by Monday, 9.18. There is no cost for the dinner, though guests are welcome to make a free-will offering. The FRE Board of Directors is hosting additional events for Fr. Jean.