Good Morning Friends! Father Jean sends a Christmas message of thanks:

God said:”let there be light!” God saw that light was beautiful,( Gen 1, 3-4).

Dear Friends, may Advent to bring all closer to Baby Jesus, my joy be his gift to you! We meet often to pray for you. We praise God with you for the wonder school, unfolding daily at Karangazi. St. Anthony is the school, you are generously giving to Rwandan children.
It has come up from the bushy grounds like the rising sun in the equatorial sun to shine bright for generations to come.
Inhabitants, herdsmen, farmers, faithful, politicians and even our dear president Paul Kagame, gave come to see this wonder, unfolding before our eyes. It is beautiful to see the school where a bright future is possible for Rwandan children.
You made our Advent joyful as we look forward to good education for young ones. Education is beautiful as the light on the first day of Creation.

Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year to you!
Fr. Gakirage Jean Bosco and Children at Karangazi.