School and year: John Carroll University; Rising Junior

Major: Biology

Extracurricular: Arrupe Scholar – A program for students interested in learning about and getting involved in social justice issues. I also work as an office assistant in the financial aid office of John Carroll University.

Other facts: I have been in the US for almost three years. I am from Kigali, Rwanda, and now live in Hudson, Ohio. Coming to the US has been more than a blessing. I have been presented with very many opportunities, some as big as the gift of an education and a variety of other opportunities that come with it, and some small as learning how to use a washing machine, learning how to drive and going to the gym, to mention but a few. Best of all, I have an amazing American family and community that care about me. I can’t be grateful enough.

Interests: Dancing, hanging out with friends, working out, art (drawing and designing)

Random “likes”: Coffee, fragrances, lipstick, clothes, hair stuff